Tweaked katherine holubitsky essay

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Cornbread is a given when I cook Southern dishes like beans, my un-fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, pulled pork and, of course, chili and ribs. Over the years I tweaked my cornbread recipe to be a little less caloric by substituting 1% milk for whole milk and sunflower oil for butter or bacon fat. Now, with the help of Hain Featherweight Sodium-Free Baking Powder (yes, there is such a thing – it contains potassium in lieu of sodium) and no added salt, it also has nearly zero sodium (milk has a little). Some people like sweet cornbread – we’re not one of those people – there is only a scant 1/4 cup of sugar for just a touch of sweetness.

Tweaked katherine holubitsky essay

tweaked katherine holubitsky essay


tweaked katherine holubitsky essaytweaked katherine holubitsky essaytweaked katherine holubitsky essaytweaked katherine holubitsky essay