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Christians believe that Jesus’ birth, existence, demise, and resurrection was prearranged by God to save the mankind. It is in fact based on chronological events. The historical events commenced with God dealing with Israelites and this forms a major part of Christian’s belief. One controversial belief that is basis of many pagans is the belief that Jesus was indeed the son of God. The disagreement is that Jesus was the result of a God having a child with a human woman. Many religions agree that God is spiritual does not have sexual desires and thus the belief is wrong. The controversy is however misplaced because the Bible states that the birth was miraculous and not based on physical engagement of God and the mother of Jesus. Christians believe in resurrection of Jesus. This gives them the conviction that he was not a human being.

Several years ago I read a story in a news magazine about flooding in several western states that resulted from the rapid spring melting of a heavy accumulation of snow. One photo showed thousands of Mormon citizens in Salt Lake City who had been mobilized with only a few hours’ notice through a call from their local church leaders. They were shown filling sandbags that would channel the flow of run-off water. The article marveled at the command-and-control precision – almost military in character – through which the LDS church was able to put its people onto the front lines of this civil crisis. Another photo in an article the next week showed a thirty-something resident of a town along a flooding stream in another state, sitting in a lawn chair reading while national guardsmen filled sandbags nearby. The author of the article attributed what he saw to the “organizational efficiency” of the LDS church, but he completely missed the point. Thousands of people instinctively showed up and went to work because they do this sort of thing all the time, week after week, in over a hundred countries around the world, as part of being Mormon. This was not an unusual event – just another week in the life of a typical Mormon.

This i believe essay submissions

this i believe essay submissions


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