Thesis on media bias

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Kaepernick protested the killing of black men by police officers while wearing socks depicting the police as pigs and showing up in a Fidel Castro tshirt. While he never elucidated a coherent political philosophy motivating his decision to kneel, Kaepernick apparently wanted the United States government to take the killing of black people by police more seriously and ensure that police coverups weren’t happening when minorities were shot by police. (I’m the only person in sports media who pointed out that bees, wasps and hornets killed more unarmed people every year than police. Or that white people were more likely to be shot by police than black people. Or that trains, TRAINS!, kill five times as many unarmed people every year as police. Look out for lighting, it kills almost as many unarmed people too.)

Thesis on media bias

thesis on media bias


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