Thesis on gay marriage essay

“As children, we are not allowed to express our disagreement, pain and confusion,” Stefanowicz explained. “Most adult children from gay households do not feel safe or free to publicly express their stories and life-long challenges; they fear losing professional licenses, not obtaining employment in their chosen field, being cut off from some family members or losing whatever relationship they have with their gay parent(s). Some gay parents have threatened to leave no inheritance, if the children don’t accept their parent’s partner du jour.”

If a bisexual has a good relationship with one gender and a bad relationship with the other, can’t this “bisexual person” easily go from 50-50 to 40-60? Since we’ve already seen that homosexual ideology says it’s not even possible to determine who is/is not homosexual, it would be absurd to assert that a particular bisexual was born at percent gay and must be stuck at that exact level for his entire life. By providing specific legal protection for bisexuals, discrimination laws acknowledge that we are all bisexual because we all have the full capability of going either way .

Thesis on gay marriage essay

thesis on gay marriage essay


thesis on gay marriage essaythesis on gay marriage essaythesis on gay marriage essaythesis on gay marriage essay