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But the Grand Unified Disney Field Theory isn't even the craziest interpretation of these games' continuity. There's also the " Wreck-It Ralph Theory ," where it's explained that Disney universes are supposed to be inherently evil-less -- the bad guys aren't truly bad, meaning that there's a support group somewhere attended by powerful despots, crazed gods, and some random French jackass. The implication of this #NotAllDisneyVillains angle is that there needs to be a balance of light and dark, which explains why we keep seeing the same basic plot over and over in these disparate universes. It also means that when the villain of Kingdom Hearts tells Mickey that he's trying to end the "tyranny of light," he's kind of got a point. The bad guys are a critical element to the stability of the universe, and by trying to destroy them permanently, Mickey is not only being a ruthless tyrant, he's possibly throwing all of reality into jeopardy.

Then it was time for the cast to make an appearance on The Tonight Show. “The cast, in no condition to face anybody, much less 40 million people, dutifully trooped downstairs to do the live show,” Levine continued. “Us non-celeb types stayed back and watched on TV … in horror. They were so drunk they needed designated walkers. They giggled like schoolgirls over nothing, fired spitballs into each other’s mouths, squirted water guns, Woody Harrelson implied he gave oral sex to both Ted Danson and Oliver Stone, and Kirstie Alley sang a song where the only lyric was ‘dick, dick, dick.’”

According to NASA , Cassini took 21 photos within a span of just four minutes on August 20th. Due to the vantage point of the wide-angle camera, it’s a bit tough to make out each of the big rings, but the most dedicated among us can see the ghostly C ring and brilliant B ring. An especially astute viewer will also notice the Cassini Division, or the 3,000 mile (4,800 km) gap between Saturn’s A and B rings. (Here’s a detailed walk-through that explores the location of each ring and their individual properties.) And no, you may not name your band “Cassini Division” because that’s what I’m calling my space goth Joy Division cover band.

Thesis 'jackass the movie

thesis 'jackass the movie


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