Techniques of writing a persuasive essay

This website is spot on. An excellent command of the language is crucial to concise writing. Synonyms exist, true enough, but similar is not exact. Each word in the English language has a subtle, contextual meaning, choose carefully.
It tickles me pink when people use “apropos” incorrectly. ‘Apropos’ isn’t as easily used in an English sentence as those that carelessly sling it about tend to believe. Active verbiage is the heart and soul of writing economy. Sloppy writing indicates sloppy thinking. And so on…
I look forward to reading this website frequently. Very useful to a former investigator/writer that is a bit rusty. Tear up my usage and punctuation anyone? I will thank you for it.

The most exciting use of the manual has been in Iran , following the earthquake in Bam, Iran in 2003. The Iranian Director of Mental Health, Dr Yasamy, had asked for help after an earlier, less devastating earthquake, and through UNICEF had arranged for training in the manual through colleagues from the Center for Crisis Psychology. When the Bam earthquake happened, they trained a further 400 psychologists and psychiatrists, and 1,380 teachers to use the manual and a variant of it with over 42,500 survivors in the first 7 months after the earthquake. They measured distress before and after the intervention and found that around 85% of survivors greatly benefited. This is currently being written up for publication but must rank as one of the largest mental health interventions in history, and the manual was at the centre of it.

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Techniques of writing a persuasive essay

techniques of writing a persuasive essay


techniques of writing a persuasive essaytechniques of writing a persuasive essaytechniques of writing a persuasive essaytechniques of writing a persuasive essay