Tamil general essay

There’s no romance situation here with Vasundhara the villain, but in case you felt like you are missing out on that quota, she is not the only woman in the movie who is shown her place. There are three other women in the movie, all of whom get similar treatment. Amala Paul, who is Dhanush’s girlfriend-turned-wife Shalini, is a nagging homemaker, who quits her job as a dentist and does everything around the house. His mother (who died in the earlier movie) is a kindly apparition in the sequel and offers Raghuvaran support when he’s down. His boss’ daughter Anitha is another mother to him (not for nothing did she receive his mother’s lungs in a transplant in the first movie) and checks up on him when he quits his job.

From figure , point E is the maximum point of net social benefit and M is the amount of government spending and taxes collected where MSB=MSC. This is as well depicted in figure where the difference between curve B1 and C1 (CF) is the net social benefit, being the excess of marginal social benefit over marginal social cost. The difference is basically the curve N. It is noted that when output 0D is taxed and spent by the government, MSB=MSC. The government should stop operation at point 0D because beyond point D, the loss is greater than the gain since area 0DG represents the maximum social advantage.

Tamil general essay

tamil general essay


tamil general essaytamil general essaytamil general essaytamil general essay