Strengths as a teacher essay

16. I value parents’ support and will do all that I can to develop the best connections and relationships with students’ parents.  My friendliness, honesty, trust, and faithful commitment will help me build a positive rapport with all parents and guardians.  I will also ask parents to contact me if they would like to share positive comments on their child’s progress, inform me about any problems their child might have, or ask for extra practice or assistance that I can provide them.  I am willing to listen and help in any way that I can.

How Many Ways Are You Smart?
This simple printable (pdf) page provides an easy tool for discovering which of eight intelligences students favor. Watch the associated video (scroll down to find video) to learn how to administer and use the results of the survey. Students can do the activity on their own by simply folding the inventory sheet in half and making a checkmark next to each of the 24 statements that describe them. Then, they unfold the paper and tally the results. Be sure students share the results with you!

Strengths as a teacher essay

strengths as a teacher essay


strengths as a teacher essaystrengths as a teacher essaystrengths as a teacher essaystrengths as a teacher essay