Sinhala hindu new year essay

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Ethnically, 74% of the population is Sinhalese and speaks Sinhala, the national language; 18% is Tamil (people of South Indian origin) and speaks Tamil, an official language since 1978. About 70% of the Tamils are "Ceylon Tamils" — citizens whose ancestors have lived in Sri Lanka for many generations and who have full voting rights. Most live in the northern and eastern provinces, but many Ceylon Tamils live in Colombo and throughout the island. The other 30% of the Tamil population are the so-called "Indian Tamils," whose ancestors were brought from South India in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to work on tea and rubber plantations. Most were disenfranchised in Sri Lanka by legislation passed in 1948. Because India also refused to recognize them as citizens, the Indian Tamils were considered stateless.

In here we bring you sites to download sinhala aurudu mp3 songs for free and some New Year song videos.

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Awa Awrudu Devi – H. R. Jothipala
Awilla Awilla (with Cristy Lenord,Latha Walpola) – Mohidin Beg
Awurudu Awa – H. R. Jothipala
Awurudu Kumariye – Anton Rodrigo
Awurudu Langaa Una – H. R. Jothipala
Awurudu Nawa Sanda – H. R. Jothipala
Chak Gudu – Edward Jayakody
Erabadu Mal Pipila – Rajeew Sebasthiyan & Nelu Adikari
Kaju Waare – Lional Ranwala
Kiri Ithirewa Nawa Wasare – H R Jothipala
Koho Koho (with Sujatha Aththanayaka) – Sanath Nandasiri
Kopara Kopara – Edward Jayakody
Mal Gomu Gomu – W D Amaradeva
Mandira Sandaluthale – Chethana Ranasinghe
Me Avurudu Kale – Lional Ranwala
Mey Avurudu Kale – Isuru Jayarathne ft NEXTG
Nawa Aurudu Da – H. R. Jothipala
Neela Kobei Rana Adii – W D Amaradeva
Oba Nisa Sitha Sitha – Shirley Waijayantha
Onchili Chilla Male – H R Jothipala & Sujatha Aththanayaka
Punchi Kale Awruddata – Malkanthi Nandasiri
Raban Sural Sumiyuru Nada – Keerthi Paskuwel
Rasa Ahara Kawala – C T Fernando
Rathata Rathe Mal Peedena – Priya Sooriyasena
Sinhala Awurudde Mangala Gee Sadde – Sunil Shantha
Sinhala Awurudu Langai Wage – Victor Rathnayaka & Samitha Mudunkotuwa

Sinhala hindu new year essay

sinhala hindu new year essay


sinhala hindu new year essaysinhala hindu new year essaysinhala hindu new year essaysinhala hindu new year essay