SYMBOLES Les termes de mise en garde suivants et leurs significations sont destinés à expliquer le degré de risque associé à l’utilisation de ce produit. SYMBOLE SIGNAL SIGNIFICATION Indique une situation extrêmement dangereuse qui, si elle n’est pas DANGER: évitée, aura pour conséquences des blessures graves ou mortelles. Indique une situation potentiellement dangereuse qui, si elle n’est AVERTISSEMENT: pas évitée, pourra entraîner des blessures graves ou mortelles.

Regularly active as a church, the Pantheon is visited today by hundreds of tourists from all over the world, catholics and locals who love to stay in Piazza della Rotonda as well, both a must while staying in Rome. The square was named after " Rotonna " (la Rotonda) as the Pantheon is still today affectionately called from Romans and also known as Chiesa Santa Maria della Rotonda once converted into a Christian basilica. Piazza della Rotonda is enriched by the Fontana del Pantheon , a splendid Renaissance fountain (1575) constructed by Giacomo Della Porta and surmounted by the Egyptian obelisk of Ramses II (Ramsete II).


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