Optional mba essay low gpa

Because there are no additional fields in the online application for liabilities such as gaps in work experience or a low GPA, it would be wise to use this space to briefly cover any potential weak points in one’s candidacy. Such discussions should be direct and to the point, providing an explanation and pointing to mitigating factors without being defensive or making excuses. Mitigating one’s weakness or weaknesses here should be prioritized; however, given the open-ended nature of the question, there is also potential to discuss a particularly meaningful activity or project that could not be covered in the application materials. Determining a topic will depend on the information already covered elsewhere, so this may be worth revisiting after you have a sense of what you are able to share in the application process. Because this is an optional essay, a selected anecdote or additional information should enhance your candidacy and highlight a strong skill or special interest to stand out, as opposed to just be an extension of the short required essay.

as its an constructive critisim frm my side i observed tht few initiatives of insights are started knw just before 2017 prelims test series …..we as aspirant want it through out our journey. for example mindmap initiative was stopped n again started n editorial was stopped it started again .i was following this initiatives on your website since long time suddenly they disappeared before prelims [ bcz of prelims 2017 i guess] . i request team Insight to be consistent with these initiatives, you guyz have did a lot for all of us we could not ask anything from you. Thank you for everything n you guyzzzz are doing an exceptional work on this website n keep continuing it till upsc recruits aspirants for civil services my best wishes to you guyzz stay fit , healthy n happy …

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Optional mba essay low gpa

optional mba essay low gpa


optional mba essay low gpaoptional mba essay low gpaoptional mba essay low gpaoptional mba essay low gpa