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IT departments used to have to make an argument for moving applications from the data center to the cloud. Now it’s the other way around in many organizations, as companies are more openly embracing the cloud. In March 2017, Tech Pro Research conducted a survey to get an idea of what companies are moving to the cloud, what they’re keeping in the data center, and who within organizations is pushing for a move to the cloud.

Here are some key findings from the survey:

  • A hybrid deployment is the norm. Fifty-eight percent of respondents said their companies have moved at least one application to the cloud, while still hosting data in the data center.
  • Only one out of 12 companies have all their applications in the cloud.
  • Almost half of respondents from full-cloud companies said executives led the push to the cloud, as opposed to 29% of respondents from companies that kept some applications in the data center.
  • Once companies moved to the cloud, they tended to stay there. Nearly half (48%) of respondents said their companies weren’t considering moving any apps back to the data center.
  • Web services is a popular application to have in the cloud. Among companies that have some of their applications in the cloud, 55% have moved web services.

This report contains more detailed results, plus analysis and recommendations for companies deciding what to keep in the data center and what to move to the cloud. To read it, download the full report, The cloud vs. data center: Adoption rates, usage, and migration plans .

The Rudd Centre for Adoption Research and Practice was established with the core purpose of promoting understanding through the implementation and real-world application of rigorous research that focuses on illuminating the particular support needs and challenges facing children, parents and families in an adoption context. While the Centre has at its core a research focus to its primary activities, it has a bottom-line practice and policy purpose to its output. The Centre’s work has a UK base, with a global reach to its impacts.

Open adoption research papers

open adoption research papers


open adoption research papersopen adoption research papersopen adoption research papersopen adoption research papers