Msc thesis in networking

We offer two fast-track options which enable you to reduce your required stay in Frankfurt.
16 Months + Thesis : Students take the fourth semester electives in the third and second semesters.
10 Months + Thesis : Additionally, depending on your prior qualifications, all of the first semester modules may be waived.
Please note that students taking the fast - track option cannot take advantage of our “3 Day Model”, as fast-track options require a 5 day study week. All fast-track options must be approved on an individual basis by the programme director. 

The Fashion Industry in Practice unit gives you the opportunity to put into practice the operational theory and business principles you have covered in your studies to date. In this unit you will operate in the professional environment. You will be supported to pro-actively secure a fashion company with which to undertake a period of work experience. Prior to the start of this work experience period you will negotiate with them an appropriate brief for your project. You will need to ascertain the business needs and objectives of your client in order to provide actionable recommendations. Execution of the project while working in the business will allow you to relate academic theory to practical business operations.

Msc thesis in networking

msc thesis in networking


msc thesis in networkingmsc thesis in networkingmsc thesis in networkingmsc thesis in networking