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Once you have the answer to your original question, it is time to get your results across to your target audience. If you have conducted a good analysis, then you now have a huge amount of notes from which you can build your presentation, paper, or thesis. Make sure to stress the relevance , and to move through your analysis based on the issues that you want to present. Always ask yourself: what is interesting about my findings, and why should anyone care? A talk or a paper that simply lists one discourse feature after another is tedious to follow, so try to focus on making a compelling case . You can then add evidence from your work as needed, for instance by adding original and translated examples to illustrate your point. For some academic papers, particularly graduation theses, you may want to compile the full account of your data analysis in an appendix or some other separate file so that your assessors can check your work.

It is not that Micro learning is a myth, it is simply that people misunderstand the concept of it. I get calls everyday from people who are tasked with creating “micro learning” modules, who have no experience or knowledge in the science of learning and are loking for help. They believe it should be used to replace classroom training quickly.
They think that a micro learning is just a 4 minute elearning module. As long as it is under 5 minutes then it must be a micro learning. People will treat a 4 minute elearning module the same as a 20 minute module. It still has to be put on an lms, log in, do it, do a test and evaluate. And this is micro learning, in their opinion.
One person called me as he spent 6 months trying to create a micro learning project as he felt he had to figure out Captivate or Storyline etc, before he could create it. By the time he had the concept, the project was obsolete.
Micro learning is becoming the silver bullet for thinking that people can learn quickly if the content is short.

Loking for research paper on grorge gordon

loking for research paper on grorge gordon


loking for research paper on grorge gordonloking for research paper on grorge gordonloking for research paper on grorge gordonloking for research paper on grorge gordon