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Q: Will taking an AP English class satisfy the requirement?
A: No. The AP English class is considered a high school course. Only an acceptable English composition course offered by a college or university is acceptable. Q: I don't live in California yet. Should I take the May exam?
A: No. The May exam is for students who are currently living in California and who have been selected to take the exam. If you live outside of California you'll have an opportunity to take the exam on campus. Q: I have not been admitted to any UC campus, but I am on a campus waitlist. Should I plan to take the May exam?
A: If you have not yet been admitted to any UC campus, you should not take the May exam. However, if you are admitted prior to the test date and have not satisfied the Entry Level Writing Requirement, call our Customer Service number (800-839-8507) for a test center assignment and to receive important information about the exam. Q: Is there a fee for the exam?
A: Yes, there is a $110 fee for Analytical Writing Placement Examination. You will receive payment information with your test notification letter. The fee can be paid by credit card using the Exam Fee Payment link on this website. The fee will be waived or reduced if you received a waiver of the UC admission application fee.

Level essay writing service

level essay writing service


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