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Due to the lack of electricity and direct sunlight, I decided to use a solar panel paired with a light sensor on the outside of my locker to power a strong, blue LED light, which is best for photosynthesis and plant growth. A friend taught me how to solder and helped me create the solar panel setup, which turns on the blue light only when it is dark outside so the plants experience the proper light cycles. I also set up a system to slowly water the plants automatically. This involved a series of drip bottles—which another friend had for his old, now deceased, pet guinea pig—arranged to drip into each other and then onto the soil.

I don't agree with this assessment. If a college requires an essay, it is because it has holistic admissions and wants to get to know its applicants as more than a list of grades and standardized test scores. The essay is typically the most powerful tool you have for conveying who you are and what you care about. If you've chosen the right focus for your essay—one that reveal something meaningful about you—you're going to need far more than 250 words to provide the type of detail and self-reflection that makes an essay effective.

Because metaphors suggest analogies, they can be dangerous. The danger arises when we apply the analogy without thinking, in ways that really aren't supportable. For example, even though we talk about "revving up" people, motivating people requires much more than flipping a switch. And once people are "revved up," they can become very creative — so creative that it sometimes happens that they see even better ways to do what you might have wanted, or they might even find something wrong with the original idea. Rotating machinery hardly ever does that kind of thing. When we think about real people as if they were as simple as rotating machinery, we can go dangerously wrong — the metaphor "wags our minds" like the metaphorical tail wagging the dog.

Essays about grandpa

essays about grandpa


essays about grandpaessays about grandpaessays about grandpaessays about grandpa