Essay oliver twist book

In the process of the robbery Oliver is shot in the arm and so Sikes wouldn't get caught he left Oliver in a ditch to die. The next morning he walks to Brittles and Giles house and took him in and called the Doctor. When the doctor came he said that he was very excited to see the boy. After Oliver's arm is taken care of Brittles, Giles, Rose, Mrs. Maylie, and the doctor decided not to tell the police, but what they decide to do is take care of him and give him a home. When Oliver told them his story they felt very bad for him, so they left him alone to recover.

The novel ends by reinforcing its dichotomy between city and countryside. All of the good characters end up living in the countryside together, in peace and prosperity and happiness, while those left in the city are either dead, in jail, or continue to live a life of crime. This makes it seem impossible for Oliver and his new family to have ever lived in true happiness in London, where so many awful things have happened throughout the novel. Instead they inhabit a village that represents a new community and a new, more hopeful start.

Mr. Brownlow, with whom the Maylies have reunited Oliver, confronts Monks and wrings the truth about Oliver’s parentage from him. It is revealed that Monks is Oliver’s half brother. Their father, Mr. Leeford, was unhappily married to a wealthy woman and had an affair with Oliver’s mother, Agnes Fleming. Monks has been pursuing Oliver all along in the hopes of ensuring that his half-brother is deprived of his share of the family inheritance. Mr. Brownlow forces Monks to sign over Oliver’s share to Oliver. Moreover, it is discovered that Rose is Agnes’s younger sister, hence Oliver’s aunt. Fagin is hung for his crimes. Finally, Mr. Brownlow adopts Oliver, and they and the Maylies retire to a blissful existence in the countryside.

Essay oliver twist book

essay oliver twist book


essay oliver twist bookessay oliver twist bookessay oliver twist bookessay oliver twist book