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Marshall University in West Virginia has a specific program for students with Asperger’s. Are you familiar with ? It is an online resource. Jed Baker, . has written several books as well about the subject. Jessica Kingsley publishing has a book entitled, “Succeeding in College with Asperger’s Syndrome” that is a good resource. I recommend a college program that has a director in their Office of Disability Services. Princeton Review’s, “The K&W Guide to Colleges for Students with LD/ADHD” can help you find structured programs. When you call, ask them about the child’s specific needs. I have been a HS Intervention Specialist for 31 years and have had students with Asperger’s make successful transitons. Good Luck!

The Stockholm Conference in 1972 adopted the motto “Only One Earth” for the entire humanity, and pledged to protect the environment. June 5th was declared as World Environment Day at this conference. Even in India, there have been a number of environmental movements such as Chipko Movement, Silent Valley Movement, etc. Since the Vedic times, we, in our country, consider rivers as “divine and holy” and give them the status of a Mother. When we say so, then maintaining sanctity, serenity and purity is nothing, but our natural responsibility. Every human being must volunteer and pledge to protect the environment and the earth. We cannot work in isolation. It should be a collective gathering at the global level. One such commendable effort is: (Kids .) Kids for a Clean Environment. It is the largest children’s organization in the world. It was started in 1989 by a nine-year-old girl named Melissa Poe. All the school children must get associated with such organisations to ensure a viable environment for our future. There should be a compulsory subject on the environment and its protection; at every level of education. It should be considered as Value of Life and not a mere subject.

Essay first prize

essay first prize


essay first prizeessay first prizeessay first prizeessay first prize