Economic research paper topics

Leading up to the Great Recession, the . economy experienced a massive expansion of credit, a slowdown in productivity growth, and a rapid increase in income inequality. All of these developments may have contributed to an unusual buildup of financial instability. This paper explores the contribution of each of these three developments in explaining financial crises using long-run historical data for 17 advanced economies. Previous research showed that credit growth is a robust predictor of financial fragility. I find that changes in top income shares and productivity growth are strong early warning indicators as well. In fact, changes in top income shares outperform credit as crises predictors. Moreover, financial recessions that are preceded by strong increases in income inequality or low productivity growth are also associated with deeper and slower recoveries. Overall, the results indicate that both the productive capacity of an economy and the distribution of income matter for financial stability.

About 60 million nonunionized workers in the private sector are covered by arbitration agreements that bar them from going to court to sue over alleged violations of federal workplace laws, including civil rights and anti-discrimination measures, according to the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal-leaning group in Washington. About 25 million of these private-sector workers are also barred from joining class-action or group claims before an arbitrator. The Supreme Court will decide whether the workers can act together or alone. Unionized workers can take collective action through bargaining.

Economic research paper topics

economic research paper topics


economic research paper topicseconomic research paper topicseconomic research paper topicseconomic research paper topics