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I dreamt that I was on a high platform above an enclosed pool. There were people everywhere in the water, and why I was on this high platform or how I got there…. I don’t know. I remember being very frightened, that for some reason I was expected to jump into the pool. No one was paying attention to me, and I sat on this platform for what seemed for HOURS. I kept trying to convince myself to jump, but just couldn’t . Then out of nowhere, I noticed an escape slide from the platform to the shallow edge of the pool. All I had to do was just slide down to the edge of the pool, land on the bottom, push past some people in the water in my way to the exit, and I walked out of the door and never looked back. Water symbolizes cleansing of past emotions, and I have been trying for now 5 years to heal the pain of an ended, emotionally abusive marriage. I have not been able to move on to another relationship, so I hope this is a positive dream indicating I can release those old emotions and move on a lot easier than I had previously thought.

Months later, his scientists report that they are near to rediscovering the secrets of atomic bombs, but that Zind is making efforts to dig up relics of the Ancients, which might salvage its own complement of nuclear weaponry. Noting the damage such weapons had done, Feric orders such research ended, and determines to wipe out Zind and every last Dom before they can unleash the Fire. Soon enough, Zind begins to rally its troops from their reverse in Wolack. The final invasion of Zind is hard fought: the main Helder force, under the command of Lar Waffing, takes the southwestern oil fields needed for resupply, while the secondary force fights a delaying action against the vast bulk of the Zind army to the north towards the Zind capital, Bora. Needless to say, the forces of Heldon prevail and the Zind army is destroyed and burned, down to the last mindless "Warrior". The central city is reduced to a cinder in a firestorm (akin to the bombing of Dresden in our world).

Author of dream pool essays

author of dream pool essays


author of dream pool essaysauthor of dream pool essaysauthor of dream pool essaysauthor of dream pool essays