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3. PHYSICAL HOME ADDRESS:   A . Box may be used for your mailing address, but you must also supply a physical home address and a contact phone number on your application. All applicants must select an address of record. The address of record is the information provided to the public. Until licensees select an address of record, the business address will be used as the default. If no business address is available, the mailing address will be used. If no alternate address is available, the home address will be used. Applicants and licensees may update this information at any time.

To reduce the risk of identity theft, enhance security and protect the integrity of the licensing process, nonresident visitors (including students) applying for a driver license or identification card must meet certain requirements. The US Citizenship or Lawful Presence page describes the requirements for proving citizenship or lawful presence. Accepted documents may be found in the Verifying Lawful Presence Guide which also contains information for temporary visitors. In addition, a brochure ( printer friendly version ) listing all of the acceptable documents is available for download.

Apply texas application essays

apply texas application essays


apply texas application essaysapply texas application essaysapply texas application essaysapply texas application essays